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MVLL Registration Fee Payment

As a reminder, registration is not complete until all 3 parts are completed:

  1. Completion of the 2022 Registration Form. Online Form or Fillable PDF
  2. Completion of Medical Release Form. PDF
  3. Payment of Fee (Payment using a credit card is accepted using PayPal. A PayPal account is not needed. Payment by check or money order can be mailed. Payment in cash must be done in person.)

Make checks or money order payable to MVLL and mail to MVLL, POB 614, Mountain View CA 94042

Cash, check, and money order payment is accepted at Helming's Auto Repair, 2520-G Wyandotte St, Mountain View, CA 94043. Schedule by Phone: 650-988-0460

Registration Fee for First Player
T-Ball (Ages 4-6). $110
Rookie A (Ages 6-8) and Farm AA (Ages 7-10). $200
Minors AAA (Ages 9-11) and Majors (Ages 10-12). $225
Juniors (Ages 13-14). $250
Registration Fee for 2nd Player (or 3rd or 4th, etc.) in Family
T-Ball (Ages 4-6) and $10 Sibling Discount. $100
Rookie A (Ages 6-8) and Farm AA (Ages 7-10) with $10 Sibling Discount. $190
Minors AAA (Ages 9-11) and Majors (Ages 10-12) with $10 Sibling Discount. $215
Juniors (Ages 13-14) with $10 Sibling Discount. $240

If you submitted registration forms before Dec. 31 and qualify for the $25 per player discount, follow this link.