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Serving Mountain View Since 1957

Register NOW for the 2023 Spring Baseball Season

Registration for 2023 Spring Season is CLOSED
Registration for the 2024 Spring Season will begin in mid-Nov.

New players and returning players to Mountain View CA Little League Baseball can be registered for MVLL Spring Baseball using this online application. After completing and submitting the form, a filled-in registration form is returned to you in pdf format in a confirmation email. The first parent/guardian listed on the form will receive the confirmation email, consequently, if you list yourself as the second parent/guardian, you will not receive the confirmation email. If the email is not received within 5 minutes of submission, please email to receive the confirmation.

If you encounter an issue when using this online registration method, please notify Our main website is at where you will find additional information about registration, Spring Baseball FAQ, and Handouts. Be sure to review the news postings at for the latest about registering for Spring Baseball and events leading up to the March 2023 Opening Day.

Please review the 2023 Spring Baseball FAQ to learn how we plan to conduct the 2023 baseball season.

Handy references:

IMPORTANT – Before beginning to fill in the registration form, please review it entirely as there is required information that will need to be looked up. Once you begin filling in the form, it cannot be saved in it’s partial form to be completed at a later date. It can only be completed in a single session.



    PARENT/GUARDIAN #1 (Primary Contact receives a copy of this registration)



    In case of emergency, if family physician cannot be reached, I hereby authorize my child to be treated by Certified Emergency Personnel. (i.e. EMT, First Responder, E.R. Physician)


    1. We recommend you save a copy of the attached PDF as it will come in handy when completing MVLL forms in the future.
    2. Payment can be done online using PayPal, delivered in person at Helming's Auto Repair, 8 to 5 Monday to Friday, or by mailing a check or money order. Instructions are on the Registration Fee Payment Page. Prompt payment is strongly recommended. When we have filled team rosters, sign-ups without payment of fees can be moved to a wait list and the player may not get on a team.
    3. If your player is new to our league, please provide proofs of:
    a) birthdate, and
    b1) Mountain View residency, or
    b2) enrollment in a Mountain View school if the player does not reside in Mountain View.
    To present documents (date of birth, residential address in Mountain View, or enrollment at a Mountain View school), three methods are available:
    a) submit photos taken on a cellphone with at least 2M resolution then send (via message or email) the photos to We will delete the photos after we have verified your information, or
    b) in-person at Helming's Auto Repair, or
    c) make photocopies and mail to MVLL, POB 614, Mountain View, CA 94042. We will shred the photocopies after we have verified your information.
    4. To check on your registration submission and payment status, the Registration Status Page is at Status is updated every 2 or 3 days. Also, if you had a buddy request for your child, you can use the listing to see if the buddy has registered.


    (Parent/Guardian #1 receives a copy of this registration. If you are not listed as Parent/Guardian #1, you will NOT receive a copy of this registration.)